Wednesday, 16 August 2017


giant snake

A church in Lagos, Apostolic church joy Assembly in Ikorodu while working in the church killed this giant snake.

A Facebook user, Emmanuel Akpan, who is a worshipper in the church shared this, saying it was killed by a youth in the church.

See another photo below:

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(Disturbing Photos) Driver mysteriously bleeds to death while on steering in Anambra state


According to online reports, a bus driver in Anambra, driving a TRACAS bus from Ekwuluobia to Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZK) suddenly started bleeding from his mouth and nose with mucus and foam also coming from his mouth.

Scared and shocked passengers who were reportedly sitting in-front had to stop the moving vehicle! Some of them said before the journey started, the driver was all healthy and showed no visible signs of sickness.. (GRAPHIC PHOTOS BELOW)

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‘Women avoid putting yourselves in any situation that can make someone rape you’ – Dencia


Dencia has some words of advice for women on limiting the attempt in getting raped!

According to the Cameroonaian/Nigerian-born singer, women should stop putting themselves in any situation that can make someone rape them.
Here’s what she wrote;

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SHOCKING: Gospel artist crushed to death by truck in Port Harcourt (Graphic Photos)

port harcourt accident

According to online multiple reports, a popular gospel artiste, Fernandez Bishop popularly known as Fernandez Muzik (Jesus freak) was crushed to death by a truck yesterday in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers state.
The fatal accident reportedly happened at Akpajo, Eleme in Port Harcout! While he was on his way to see a pastor.
Friends are already dropping tributes for the young and vibrant chap who was said to be a chorister at House of the rock church in the state! Photos below; (Graphic Photos Included)

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‘Leave me alone, I’m a porn star’ -Kingtblakhoc new recruit, Chisom Ugwu slams ‘haters’ (18+ Photos)

Kingtblakhoc porn

Kingtblakhoc’s latest recruit, Chisom Ugwu, who was slammed by followers after her photos was spotted on Nigerian porn king,Kingtblakhoc’s Instagram channel, has issued a warning to those trolling her.
The endowed lady who accused her ‘haters’ of talking even when one is a good girl, further declared herself a porn star while telling her haters to let her be.
She was reportedly recruited after Kingtblakhoc fell out with popular faces,  Peace Olayemi and Lady Gold.
More photos below;


Here’s the video;

“Please leave me alone, I am an actress & a porn star” — Lady who just joined Kingtblakhoc’s empire fumes

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Nigerian lady was ‘caught’ with Penis shaped cucumber VIDEO

Penis shaped cucumber

A Nigerian Girl, simply identified as Nkechi found a Penis shaped cucumber in cucumbers she bought and she did this!

Video below;

Watch Video HERE!

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Obiano has performed, deserves second term — Obi, Anambra APGA boss

MR. Norbert Obi, chairman of the Anambra State chapter of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in this interview reviews developments ahead of the election saying the APC was all smoke without fire. Excerpts:

                     WHAT is your assessment of Governor Obiano’s performance in office?


I will start by thanking the governor for making APGA faithful proud in Nigeria and the world at large. To be honest with you, APGA members are sincerely proud of Governor Obiano’s performance in office. The governor has performed excellently well beyond the expectation of Ndi-Anambra. Governor Obiano has truthfully justified the confidence reposed in him by Ndi-Anambra. Governor Obiano came into office prepared to use his private sector wealth of experience and innovative ideas to deliver dividends of good governance to the good people of Anambra State. Opposition party leaders said that they would destroy the Awka flyover project when they take over power in the state, according to them the project is substandard and causing obstruction at Awka Federal highway. Standard certification That is what you hear from irresponsible opposition party leaders. The person that made that reckless statement is Chris Ngige, and that is to say that Anambra APC has nothing to offer Ndi Anambra except destruction.

I remember vividly that Nigeria Society of Engineers gave the Awka flyover project a standard certification and they also certified it okay for commuters to use. Just recently, an APC Lagos based activist took a swipe on Anambra APC leaders for the armchair criticism and irresponsible opposition politics they are playing in our State. But what we are hearing and getting from Anambra opposition leaders is a well-orchestrated blackmail and armchair criticism.

They are playing irresponsible opposition politics in Anambra State, and Ndi-Anambra are now aware that they have nothing good to offer them. What they do is threatening Ndi Anambra on how they will deploy Federal might to conquer Ndi-Anambra. We are already prepared to resist such devilish plot vehemently with the last drop of our blood because even God said in the bible that ‘when you resist the devil, he will flee from you.’ That is what we are going to do to APC and PDP in the forthcoming November 18, 2017 governorship election. Anybody threatening to destroy the three flyovers constructed by Obiano’s administration at Awka does not mean well for Ndi-Anambra, and Ndi Anambra will use their voting power to stop such evil plan. What is your view on APGA  leadership crisis?

There is no leadership crisis in APGA because the authentic APGA leader is Chief Dr. Willie Obiano and Ozo Victor Oye remains our indefatigable national chairman. Usurpers will not be allowed to hijack the office of APGA national chairman. What I want you to know is that undemocratic forces are plotting to use a well orchestrated devilish plot to disorganize our party ahead of the November 18 Governorship election, but they have failed because APGA will remain one united and indivisible party under the firm leadership of Governor Obiano and Ozo Victor Oye. The factional National Chairman of APGA is planning to conduct primaries for the forthcoming November 18 Governorship election, and he hinged his reason on the Court of Appeal judgment that validated his leadership of the party. What is your reaction to this development? Point of correction, we don’t have factions in our party.

As I said earlier, we only have one leadership of APGA ably led by Ozo Victor Oye. Martin Agbaso and his cohorts are not members of APGA. We don’t know them as card carrying members of APGA; they are impostors. Having said this, I will also use this medium to debunk the claim of Martin Agbaso that the Court of Appeal gave judgment in his favour. The appeal in Enugu Division of Court of Appeal is still ongoing, and judgment has not been delivered on the substantive matter. The truth is that as at today, Martin Agbaso lacks the legal authority and locus standi to parade himself as APGA acting national chairman and to conduct primaries. A competent court in Anambra, Nnewi, and Awka High Court, recently delivered judgment restraining Martin Agbaso and his cohorts from parading themselves as leaders of APGA and from performing the statutory functions of the party leadership. To me, Martin Agbaso is dancing a foolish political macabre dance that will yield no fruitful result for him. My message to APGA faithful is that they should not be discouraged.

They should continue to support the Ozo Victor Oye led  leadership of APGA and the truly working administration of Governor Obiano. All those throwing spanners on the victory wheel of Governor Obiano’s merited second term project are failures, and they will remain failures.

Their evil plot of stopping Governor Obiano’s re-election is dead on arrival. For me, I can see everything turning around for the good of our party and for the good of Ndi Anambra because Governor Obiano’s merited second term in office bid is already a divine sealed deal that cannot be truncated by dirty hatchet job executors and propaganda merchants whose known stock in trade is deploying their blackmail prowess for the feeding of their insatiable stomach infrastructure appetite.

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How can I keep my friends during a relationship?

Dear Bunmi, I’ve discovered that when I’m in a relationship with a guy, I always lose myself. Once I fall in love, everyone and everything else ceases to be important.

Invariably, the guy dumps me because I suffocate him and then I have to grovel to get my friends to forgive me for ignoring them. I’m well aware of doing it and try to stop myself but it doesn’t work. I’m currently single and want to solve this before getting a new boyfriend and start the whole process again. Dear Precious, We all tend to disappear off the face of the earth when we first find someone we think is delicious. 


That’s normal. What’s not normal is letting any man kidnap us from our career, friends and family, over and over again. I think your problem is two-fold. First, it sounds like you’re not just looking for a loving relationship but an escape from the life you’re in. If you loved your job, your friends and everything about your life, you wouldn’t be so quick to drop them the minute some guy came along. Look at changes you can make to your life that will make you happy. 

The second issue is that age old problem psychologist call “abandonment”. Looks like someone you love abandoned you (a partner or a past lover?) or you saw it happen to someone. This may explain why you feel you need to cling so tight. Now that you have recognised this flaw in your relationship, you need to talk openly about this with trusted friends and ask them to give you a wake-up call whenever they feel you’re once more stepping out of line.
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I’m on a divine mission —Yul Edochie, Nollywood actor

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

 It was jubilation galore, yesterday, in Onitsha as Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, stormed a meeting of the Democratic People’s Congress, DPC to assert his readiness to contest the election on the platform of the party. Edochie who stormed the meeting at 1.30 pm was accompanied by another popular Nollywood actor, Chief Okwudili Oguegbu, who is also serving as his campaign manager.

yul edochie
Yul Edochie 

They were received with thunderous ovation by the state chairman of the party, Prince Orjiwulu Ifejika, his executive, party supporters and residents of the estate who happened to be near the venue of the meeting. Mr. Edochie, who is popularly known as ‘Odogwu Nteje’, (Strong Man of Nteje) on his part said he is on a divine mission to rescue Anambra people from the hands of selfish and directionless politicians who have over the years thought about themselves and their families, disregarding the youths and their parents.

He said, “One thing I have built for myself over the years is integrity, and I will do everything possible to maintain that integrity.” He said he was sure to compete with money bags using his message and programmes for the people. Earlier in his speech state Chairman of the Party, Prince Ifejika, said with Mr. Edochie, the party was set to displace APGA from the seat of power in the state.

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Photos/Video: IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, inspects new Biafra Secret Service BSS

Earlier today, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, inspected some men dressed in black security attires that refer to themselves as the Biafra Secret Service BSS. 

Members in the secret service were drawn from Anambra, Abia, Rivers, Delta and other states. Watch the videos from the inspection below
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GLO BONUS By KceeKraze

Kcee Kraze's profile photo, Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sunglasses, hat and close-up

Hahahahah watch this very funny video by kceekraze I can't stop laughing watch and tag that ur friend who like free bonus too much

GLO BONUS By KceeKraze
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“My Ambition To Become Governor Is Not a Joke” – Kcee (Video)

governor kcee

In a new interview with Hip TV, Nigerian singer, Kingsley Okonkwo better known as Kcee, has revealed that his intention to contest in the Anambra governorship election is not a joke.
The 38-year-old songwriter who was formerly in the Hip Hop duo group called Kc Presh, also added that his campaign manager has said he should not speak much about it, as it is not a joke and that the youth have to speak up.
He said:
“My campaign manager said I should not speak much about it and that’s what I’m gonna stand on. I’m gonna be making official statement about it but trust me it’s not a joke.”
“I think the youth has to speak up and that’s what I’m saying right now.
“And I think you have what it takes to do it and I have what it takes so if you believe in yourself, make it rain.”
Watch the Video:

Recall, The singer had last week announced that the proceeds from his new album, “Attention to Detail” will be used to fund his campaign.
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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

China says it will defend interests if US harms trade ties

trump’s move, the first direct trade measure by his administration against China, comes at a 
time of heightened tension over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, though it is unlikely to prompt near-term change in commercial ties.
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will have a year to look into whether to launch a formal investigation of China’s policies on intellectual property, which the White House and US industry groups say are harming US businesses and jobs.
The United States should respect objective facts, act prudently, abide by its World Trade Organization pledges, and not destroy principles of multilateralism, an unidentified spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Commerce said in a statement.
“If the US side ignores the facts, and disrespects multilateral trade principles in taking actions that harms both sides trade interests, China will absolutely not sit by and watch, will inevitably adopt all appropriate measures, and resolutely safeguard China’s lawful rights.”
The ministry said the United States should ‘treasure’ the cooperation and favorable state of China-US trade relations, and warned that any US action to damage ties would ‘harm both sides trade relations and companies’.
China was continuously strengthening its administrative and judicial protections for intellectual property, the ministry added.
China’s policy of forcing foreign companies to turn over technology to Chinese joint venture partners and failure to crack down on intellectual property theft have been longstanding problems for several US administrations.
Trump administration officials have estimated that theft of intellectual property by China could be worth as much as $600 billion.
Experts on China trade policy said the long lead time could allow Beijing to discuss some of the issues raised by Washington without being seen to cave to pressure under the threat of reprisals.
China repeatedly rebuffed attempts by previous US administrations to take action on its IP practices, and has insisted it rigorously protects intellectual property.
State news agency Xinhua said the US investigation is a unilateralist ‘baring of fangs’ that will hurt both sides.
Jacob Parker, vice-president of China operations at the US-China Business Council said Trump’s memo is only the beginning of the process, but that he expected a decision on how to move forward from the administration in 60-90 days.
“I think it will be much faster than a year,” Parker said.
Coming to terms on a bilateral investment treaty would be a better way to get China to address the IP issues, he added.
“This isn’t a surprise. Our companies have been honing their crisis communications and internal planning processes since the election. The rhetoric that came up during the campaign led them to take proactive action then. They are prepared, aware and ready for these types of actions going forward.”
The investigation is likely to cast a shadow over US relations with China, its largest trading partner, just as Trump is asking it to put more pressure on North Korea to give up its nuclear programme.
Trump has suggested he would be more amenable to going easy on China over trade if it were more aggressive in reining in North Korea.
China has said the issues of trade with the United States should not be linked to the North Korea problem.
Ken Jarrett, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, said in a statement on Tuesday that trade and North Korea should not be linked, but that the investigation was a ‘measured and necessary step’.
“The president’s executive order reflects building frustration with Chinese trade and market entry policies, particularly those that pressure American companies to part with technologies and intellectual property in exchange for market access,” he said.
“Chinese companies operating in the United States do not face this pressure.”
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12-year-old child raped in India as she was on way to school for Independence Day celebrations

12 years old boy raped

CHANDIGARH: A 12-year-old girl on her way to school to celebrate Independence Day was kidnapped and raped in Chandigarh on Tuesday, reported NDTV. The class eight student had taken a short-cut to school through the children’s traffic park in Chandigarh’s Sector 23 when a man stopped her, pulled her aside and raped her. Initial information had indicated that the girl was returning from school.
“She was on her way to school and entered the park from the back gate,” said Chandigarh’s senior police officer Eish Singhal. Based on the statement of the child, the police said only one person armed with a knife, was involved.
The police are checking CCTV footage in the neighbourhood for clues.
The gruesome crime comes just days after women in the city directly administered by the Union Home Ministry held a candle-light march to assert their right to access public spaces without having to worry about their safety. The procession had passed through stretches considered unsafe for women after dark.
The young girl was raped at around 8:15am. There wasn’t much traffic on the road on Tuesday due to Independence Day celebrations and there were fewer people in the park.
The police said she was taken to the local hospital for a medical examination, which confirmed sexual assault. She was later produced before a magistrate to record her statement to fortify the case.
A case of kidnapping, wrongful restraint and rape has been registered.
The girl told her family about the crime when she reached home, who then called the police.
Considered for long as one of north India’s safer cities for women and children, crimes against children have gone up in recent years in Chandigarh.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau statistics, Chandigarh’s crime rate against children – crimes for every 1 lakh children – was three times the national average. The kidnapping rate for children in the union territory is four times the national average of 9.4 child abductions for every 1 lakh children.
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Suspend your strike – FG tells ASUU For the interest of students

Academic Staff Union

The Federal Government pleaded with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Tuesday to suspend their ongoing strike in the interest of the nation, and the students.

The Minister of Labour and Employment, Sen Chris Ngige said ASUU should call off the strike because the government was already negotiating the issues in dispute with the Association through Babalakin Committee.

In a statement signed by the Deputy Director, Press in the Ministry, Samuel Olowookere, the Minister said there was an on-going renegotiation of the 2009 agreement between the Federal Government and ASUU by the Committee.
According to the statement,
“The Federal Government has set up the Babalakin Committee on 13th Feb. 2017, which is already addressing the issues raised by ASUU.
“Though the Federal Government did not wish to apportion blame, it is important to note that ASUU did not follow due process in the declaration of the industrial action.
“As it did not give the Federal Government, the mandatory 15 days’ notice as contained in the Section 41 of Trade Disputes Act, Cap T8, 2004.
“In fact, it was on 14th Aug., 2017 that the Office of the Minister received a letter dated 13th Aug. 2017 from ASUU, that is, one full day after it commenced the strike,” he said.
“The Federal Government therefore wishes to appeal to ASUU to consider students who are currently writing degree and promotion examinations. Please call off the strike and return to the negotiation table.’’
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30-year-old school teacher shot dead by her husband while teaching in the class


Tragedy unfolded in a classroom in Mpumalanga province of South Africa when a teacher was gunned down by her husband down in full view of her pupils.
Kate Chiloane, 30, died when her husband, identified as Vusi Mdluli, shot her twice at Sedibasathutho primary school near Bushbuckridge on Monday, August 14, Tuko reports.
According Jasper Zwane, a provincial education department spokesperson, Mdluli entered the classroom under the pretext of fetching something from Chiloane.
He then reportedly shot himself at their home later!
Zwane said: “He then shot her but she managed to get away and tried running to the staff-room but he followed her and shot her again outside where she died.” Mdluli then reportedly went home and later shot himself too.
Zwane said Chiloane joined the school about a year ago. He added that pupils and teachers are traumatized by the tragic incident and that counseling is under way at the school.
Police indicated that they are investigating the unidentified husband’s motive for the murder. However, Mdluli’s Facebook profile features several disturbing posts about death in recent weeks. Watch a related video below.

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Buhari coming back to Nigeria – Presidency

Buhari coming back to Nigeria

Special Adviser to President Buhari on Political Matters, Babafemi Ojudu, has said President Muhammadu Buhari is coming back to Nigeria.

Babafemi Ojudu said this on Monday while dismissing comments that the presidency sponsored some Nigerians to embark on solidarity protests across the country in support of Buhari.

Ojudu told State House correspondents that the presidency does not hire people for protest marches, saying that those who participated in the pro-Buhari protest were die-hard supporters of the president.

"I was working in my office when I was called to go and receive them, just the way we also received the BringBackOurGirls' protesters last time.

"This presidency does not give money to anybody. This is not our tradition, is not our culture to buy protest or induce people to do any.

"You will be surprised the day President Buhari is coming back to see the millions of people that will go to the airport to welcome him,'' he said.

Ojudu clarified that the presidency did not shun the coalition of civil society organisations demanding that Buhari resume duty or resign.

He said:

"If they decide to talk to us, we talk to them. This group has a special message for the acting president and they wrote to us that they were coming and we received them.

"Those ones never informed us of anything. They were just doing their own protests and that was it.''

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Ex-BB Naija Housemate Bisola Drops New Single


Big Brother Naija 2017 first runner up, Bisola is dropping a new joint single tomorrow. Bisola did a joint record with Jeff Akoh who is also being managed by The Temple Management Company. 

The single is titled "Water Fire" and it was produced by Tee-Y Mix. 

We wish her all the best in her music career.
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Hot Gist? As singer Lola Rae and Tekno Unfollow each other on instagram

The year began with rumors of Nigerian pop stars, Lola Rae and Tekno having an affair. At the begining it was seen as one of the many publicity stunts pulled by entertainers, then over time it got serious.

Now, we can confirm that the love birds who have dsiplayed series of PDAs over the past six months are no longer following each other on Instagram.

It's not clear what's really going on but an inside source tells us, 'they've been having issues lately mainly because Tekno hasn't been around much and truth Is they are really into each other so they may work it out'.

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Apple and Aetna hold secret meetings to bring the Apple Watch to millions of Aetna customers

Apple watch that can make calls? It's a game changer: Jim Cramer

Apple and Aetna held a series of secret discussions last week to bring Apple's health and fitness-tracking smartwatch to millions more people connected to Aetna, according to three people familiar with the matter.
The insurer, which covers 23 million, offers an Apple Watch to its 50,000 employees as part of its corporate wellness program. Now, Aetna is negotiating with Apple on a plan to offer a free or discounted Apple Watch, Apple's wearable device, as a perk to its members.
The invitation-only meetings took place in Southern California on Thursday and Friday, according to the people. Those in attendance included executives from Aetna and Apple, as well as hospital chief medical information officers across the country.
Apple's Myoung Cha, who has the title "special projects, health," led the discussions, said one of the people. The move by Aetna is part of its push to increase customer interest in a healthier lifestyle and a better tracking of diet, said one of the people.
The move could be a boon in sales for Apple Watch, which now offers health and fitness-tracking as its primary usage. Apple Watch recently overtook Fitbit as the top-selling wearable tracker, with shipments reaching 22 million for the first three months of 2017, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. The next version will reportedly have a new design and wireless connectivity, allowing it to connect to the internet without a nearby iPhone.
As CNBC previously reported, Apple is quietly developing new health sensors that would make its devices a "must have" for millions of people with chronic disease. It has a secret team working on adding continuous and noninvasive blood sugar monitoring to its hardware, which would be a game-changer for diabetics.
One of the people said Aetna's proposed timeline is slated for early next year.
Apple's rival Fitbit has sold its fitness trackers to companies for years in a bid to improve health outcomes and lower costs. Bloomberg initially reported that Aetna would be the first insurer to offer Apple Watch to its employees in 2016.
"This is a logical step for Apple's broader distribution of their watch, and this type of partnership has been on their radar from the beginning," said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, an advisory firm that specializes in technology.
Apple and Aetna declined to comment.

WATCH: Apple unveils new OS for Apple Watch

Three new face modes for Apple Watch.
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